What to Do In the End Game

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Congratulations! You're now level 30! But...what do you do now? Reaching level 30 in The Division is only the start.

Complete Your Base of Operations

If you haven't already done so, finish upgrading your Base of Operations. While this is advised for the completionist-oriented players, there's certainly a lot more value than just an achievement.

First and foremost, completing your Base of Operations unlocks more skills. These additional skills, even if they're outside your usual playstyle, give you a more diverse and eclectic range of ways to handle a situation. As enemies become more powerful in the late game, this is vitally important, as your playstyle will have to evolve somewhat in order to handle specific enemies.

In that vein, completing your Base of Operations wing upgrades actually leads to more playstyles, and can potentially reveal playstyles that are as of yet unconsidered. Testing these new styles can help identify weaknesses in your strategies that can be exploited by the AI or other players, and can inform you of common strategies adopted by others.

Daily Missions

Daily Missions (along with Challenge Missions) are some of the most rewarding end game content in terms of effort to payoff. New Daily Hard Mode Missions unlock every 24 hours and reward you with Phoenix Credits, which allow for the purchase and crafting of the most powerful weapons in the game. These missions combined with net you 30 Phoenix Credits, with additional credits from Named Bosses in the range of 1-2 per encounter.

Daily Challenge Mode Missions will similarly reward you with 30 Phoenix Credits, and at least one High-End Gear item. These can be run as many times as you want, and are great for grinding; on the downside, these all but require a well-organized and powerful team to deal with.

Re-Run General Assembly

The General Assembly mission is the final mission in The Division, and thus grants you a lot of items. Specifically, this will result in a lot of "Purples", or Epic class items. These items are typically more powerful than others (and contain more valuable crafting components), and will make a lot of your end game interactions easier to handle in the long run.

Dark Zone Maxing

Work on increasing your Dark Zone Rank as much as possible. When you kill someone in the DZ, your rank goes up, and ideally, when you get to DZR50, you will unlock a huge number of blueprints that will allow you to craft unique high ends that are much more powerful than regular weapons. This will give you a HUGE edge.


Blueprints will naturally be purchased and crafted during the Daily Challenge Mode Missions, purchased from the Special Gear Vendor in the upstairs Tech Wing. Create high end weapons, and use the Recalibration Station in the Base of Operations to improve them.

Prepare for the Updates

New content has already been announced for The Division - and Incursions are coming pretty soon. Prepare yourself for this April update. Max yourself out on the Phoenix Credit cap at 1000 Phoenix Credits. Get as many regular credits as you can. Store and grind EXP hard. When the update releases, being able to buy brand new update equipment on day one will make you more powerful than most.