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In The Division, most of the weapons an Agent will utilize can be modded to some degree.


These weapon mods fit into one of five categories - Magazines, Muzzles, Optics, Skins, and Underbarrels - and utilize Weapon Mod Blueprints.



Small Muzzles

Large Muzzles


Small Optics

Large Optics


Icon Name Type
Infobox placeholder.JPG Elite Skins
Yellow skin weapon mod.jpg Yellow Skins
Teal skin mod.jpg Teal Skins
Solid blue skin mod.jpg Solid Blue Skins
The-division-gold-edition-national-guard-set.jpg National Guard Skins
The-division-pre-order-hazmat-dlc-hd-678x381.jpg Hazmat Skins
A-TACS Winter.png A-TACS Winter Skins
Chocolate Chip Loot Crate.png Chocolate Chip Loot Crate Skins
Digital Winter.png Digital Winter Skins
Flecktarn - Danish M84.png Flecktarn - Danish M84 Skins
Flecktarn - SWAT.png Flecktarn - SWAT Skins
Leaf Blue.png Leaf Blue Skins
Torn Tape - Swedish M90.png Torn Tape - Swedish M90 Skins
Tigerstripe Vintage.png Tigerstripe Vintage Skins
Tigerstripe Neon.png Tigerstripe Neon Skins
Spray Stripes Urban Snow.png Spray Stripes Urban Snow Skins
Sponge Shortbows.png Sponge Shortbows Skins
Solid - Stealth Gray.png Solid - Stealth Gray Skins
Solid - Pink.png Solid - Pink Skins
Solid - Light Blue.png Solid - Light Blue Skins
Solid - Dark Earth.png Solid - Dark Earth Skins
Multicam Urban.png Multicam Urban Skins
Snakeskin Brown.png Snakeskin Brown Skins
Solid - Coyote Tan.png Solid - Coyote Tan Skins
Urban snow skin.PNG Urban Snow Skins
Free update 1 skins.jpg Safari Purple Skins
Free update 1 skins.jpg Burst Mountain Skins


Small Underbarrels

Large Underbarrels

Weapon Mod Blueprints