Rikers Gang

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Rikers Gang
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Prison Uniforms
Former Prisoners

The Rikers Gang is one of the many factions in Tom Clancy's The Division.


The Rikers are escape convicts from Riker's Island, the largest collection of criminals in New York City. The faction is culled from various gangs, which would make many question their unification. This strange arrangement was brought about under LaRae Barrett, who argued that together, their numbers would dominate, but separately, they would be back under the thumb of the government.

Intel Brief

A destructive criminal faction that has surfaced as a result of an organized prison break from Riker's Island. The Rikers faction fill the power vacuum left by retreating Joint Task Force (JTF) and now rule like kings in a lawless land. Their first objective: enact revenge on authorities—kill everyone with a uniform, especially the JTF.

With many members from local New York gangs, their ranks quickly grew as the drew in more local followers. Their rapid growth has led to occasional in-fighting and rivalry. This, however, is kept at bay by LaRae Bennett. known as much for her ruthlessness as her ability to plan, organize, and lead. Bennett's powerful leadership over her members show that the Rikers Gang is not to be trifled with.