Phone Recording - Winner

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Phone Recording - Winner
Intel Brief
(1122, 1319)

Winner is a piece of phone recording intel in The Division.


Naomi: Hello, this is Naomi.

Ali: Hi again Naomi! This is Ali from 89.8 again! And I have some good news for you!

Naomi: What?

Ali: Princess, you’re going to see The Nutcracker at Lincoln Center!

Naomi: Grandma! We won, we won!

Ali: So who are you going to take with you?

Naomi: My grandma!

Ali: Well you tell grandma to make sure you have a great time, okay?

Naomi: Okay.

Ali: Now put your grandma on the line so we can get her those tickets for you.

Naomi: Okay. Grandma!