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Intel in the world of The Division helps to not only expand the story of the in-game universe, but to guide the player to places in the city.

Field Data

Crashed Drones

Crashed Drones are crashed government vehicles carrying intel and surveillance from before their crashes.


The ECHOs, or Evidence Correlation Golographic Overlay system, creates a 3-dimensional image of a situation or crime scene using discovered and correlated data.

Incident Reports

Incident Reports are writeups of various interactions between factions that expand the story and background of the game.

Missing Agents

Missing Agent intel are reports on agents that have been lost in the field and are either assumed dead or are missing in action.

Phone Recordings

Phone recordings can be found throughout Manhattan on a variety of cellphones dropped during the evacuation.

Survival Guidebook

Pages from the Survival Guidebook are strewn about Manhattan. These pages are from Warren Merchant's "New York Collapse: An Urban Catastrophe Survival Guide", and originate from April Kelleher's copy (which was given to her as a joke gift for her birthday by her husband Bill Kelleher.


Found Footage

These pieces of evidence are footage found from various victims or related parties.

Surveillance Data

These pieces of evidence show the results of the Green Poison outbreak.

Virus Reports

These pieces of evidence detail Dr. Kandel's research into the virus.