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Intel in the world of The Division helps to not only expand the story of the in-game universe, but to guide the player to places in the city.

Field Data[edit | edit source]

Crashed Drones[edit | edit source]

Crashed Drones are crashed government vehicles carrying intel and surveillance from before their crashes.

ECHOs[edit | edit source]

The ECHOs, or Evidence Correlation Golographic Overlay system, creates a 3-dimensional image of a situation or crime scene using discovered and correlated data.

Incident Reports[edit | edit source]

Incident Reports are writeups of various interactions between factions that expand the story and background of the game.

Missing Agents[edit | edit source]

Missing Agent intel are reports on agents that have been lost in the field and are either assumed dead or are missing in action.

Phone Recordings[edit | edit source]

Phone recordings can be found throughout Manhattan on a variety of cellphones dropped during the evacuation.

Survival Guidebook[edit | edit source]

Pages from the Survival Guidebook are strewn about Manhattan. These pages are from Warren Merchant's "New York Collapse: An Urban Catastrophe Survival Guide", and originate from April Kelleher's copy (which was given to her as a joke gift for her birthday by her husband Bill Kelleher.

Evidence[edit | edit source]

Found Footage[edit | edit source]

These pieces of evidence are footage found from various victims or related parties.

Surveillance Data[edit | edit source]

These pieces of evidence show the results of the Green Poison outbreak.

Virus Reports[edit | edit source]

These pieces of evidence detail Dr. Kandel's research into the virus.