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Gear Sets are specialized armor items in The Division.

Summary[edit | edit source]

Gear sets change the flow of the battlefield Adding new bonuses to your player. Set will only work if you have the the required pieces. 4 piece striker requires 4 pieces of striker in 4 different slots.

=4 Piece sets=[edit | edit source]
  • Sentry’s Call - Marksman/Precision Build, focused around ranged combat.
  • Striker’s Battle Gear - Assault Build, focused on increased damage and longevity.
  • Path of the Nomad - Dark Zone Build, focused on suitability in combat against Rogues.
  • Technician’s Authority - Electronics/Support Build, focused on managing skill cooldowns and talent usage.
  • Predators mark - Dmg based build, makes your target bleed after 10 hit shots.
  • D3-FNC - Defense based, allows the user to fire an SMG while using the shield.
  • Hunters faith - Ranged build, Dmg and Precision build, Bolt rifles stack +1%dmg for high striker like dmgs
  • Banshees shadow gear - Darkzone build, increased dmg to non rogues while rogue,while rogue ammo is refilled every 30 seconds , increased Dmg to rogues while not rogue.
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