Falcon Run Tips

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With the Incursions DLC update, The Division has had a huge explosion of content. Unfortunately, not all of it is readily apparent. Here are some tips for the Falcon Run incursion, as well as the Incursions DLC in general.

Map Management

The center of the map is the most strategic position one can take. Because of its proximity to cover and its distance from the main enemy groups, grenades can't hit here, missiles are negated, and drones do not approach. Enemies will rarely drop here, it's near the explosive placement location, and the supply station can be placed here with minimal threat to its safety.

Negate AoE

Area of Effect damage will quickly become the largest challenge to groups. If you see the red laser signifying turret damage, move immediately. When you hear beeping, move immediately, as a missile is incoming. Pick off a few enemies at the start, but move quickly, as AoE damage will ruin your initial run.

Save your Rez

For groups not quite primed for the incursion, you can leave a single person in the center with a revive talent while the others engage. This will allow you to have three run the content while the fourth revives as needed.

Ammo Management

Red stocks are limited to only single opens, but it resets every few waves. Ammo stations release ammo for everyone in the team though, so if you manage both, you'll be just fine.


2 pieces drop the first time you do the incursion each week (one weekly, and one boss). The weekly is not tradeable, but after your first run, the gear items dropped by the boss IS tradeable. This is dependent on whether the leader has gotten the weekly reward yet, so make sure your leader hasn't gotten theirs yet if the group needs it. Gear sets drop 2 HE materials when dismantled.

Free Rez

If your team wipes on explosive rounds, plant and defend the explosives to get a free team revive.

Clear vs. Boss

Enemies keep spawning at wave 15, so it might be better to just kill the bomb carrier and then run to end the wave faster. Otherwise, you can leave one behind to clear the waves and push forward with three.