Falcon Lost Incursion

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Falcon Lost is one of the incursion missions in The Division.


Falcon Lost is the first of the new Incursions in the Incursions DLC. It takes place in a water treatment plant, and focuses on excising the Last Man Battalion, who has established a stronghold. The enemies will feature drones and an APC, suggesting enemies in Incursions will have access to vehicles.

The developers have said that Incursions will force players to adopt new mechanics and tactics. Because the new enemies use grenades more often and have access to vehicles, including APCs and drones, you can no longer "turtle" - that is, hide behind cover, only popping out to fire, and then ducking back. You will have to actively engage with a wide range of talents and weapons, especially considering certain elements, like the APC, cannot be damaged with small arms fire. Agents will have to balance their unique talent builds and roles in order to be successful.

Like other Incursions, this area does not have checkpoints, and Ubisoft has claimed that it took developers "days" to get through.