Dark Zone Survival Guide

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Surviving as a solo agent in the Dark Zone is a daunting task, especially when one considers just how much is aiming to kill them at any given time. Thankfully, with a few tips, surviving even bands of Rogue Agents can be accomplished.

Gear, Weapons, and Equipment

DPS is of chief importance here. While having a generally balanced kit is a good idea, having high DPS allows you to deal massive damage over a short amount of time, reducing the number of active enemies you must face. Being able to draw down the number of enemies from 4 to 2 makes your survival significantly easier.

This also ties into your rewards for combat. Typically, the exp and credits gained from taking out a small group of new Rogues won't get you anything near what you'll lose by dying to them. Reducing the group immediately can do a lot for your overall credit earn/lose ratio.

Keep in mind that you need to be heavily stocked with medkits in the Dark Zone, regardless of whether you anticipate groups or not. This is more important when roving Rogues are a possible issue, so stay stocked!

Overflow with Trash

In the Dark Zone, you will eventually die - it's not a matter of if, but when. Accordingly, you need to be prepared for the RNG that is your loot drop. Stocking your carry loot with as much trash as possible will allow you a higher chance to keep your good loot while dropping your trash, both frustrating your enemies and retaining your earnings.


Pulse and Survivor Link work wonders for surviving the Dark Zone, but realistically, any skill that allows for better handling of the environment and clearer navigation is going to make your life 100% easier.


Stay away from other players. Players are entirely untrustworthy, and the only difference between regular Agents and Rogues is a difference you'll figure out too late. Don't deal with enemies, even when they fire on you - just get out of dodge as fast as you can. Rogues tend to bait and switch, making you think there's only one of them before their group pops up and fires en masse.

Find A Good Extraction

Nothing is worth doing in the Dark Zone without having a good extraction point. Some points, like the abandoned gas station and the corner hill extraction points, are better, but in general, you need to find an extraction point that is:

  • Far apart from other high-volume extraction zones;
  • Flooded with NPCs to shield you from fire;
  • Not often populated.

This will let you keep most of your gear, even in a high-Rogue ratio server.