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Crafting is an important system in The Division that allows the players to collect resources and craft them into usable items.

Quick tips! (PC)

By pressing and holding spacebar down without releasing it and keep pressing ESC to go back to crafting menu. Keep repeating this process to save time!


Crafting is done via the Base of Operations, and allows you to construct weapons, weapon mods, and gear/gear mods. You can find components for crafting in the overworld. Each of these components have levels that correspond to their blueprints.


Each item crafting process has a blueprint, and each blueprint has a blueprint level. To craft a blueprint, your items must match that level; for instance, a green level blueprint must utilize green components. The level, between 1 and 30, determines the quality, ranging from word to high-end.

When the item is crafted, an internal random algorithm, referred to by players as a "dice roll", determines the stats and quality of the item within the pre-determined range level. The blueprint is not used up, and instead can be re-used multiple times.


  • Cloth - deconstructed gear and gear mods give cloth.
  • Division Tech - Division Tech is found as random loot in the Dark Zone.
  • Electronics - deconstructed gear mods give electronics.
    • Tools - deconstructed weapon mods give tools.
  • Weapon Parts - derived from deconstructed weapons and weapon mods.