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Cleaners image.jpg
Hazmat Suit, Reflector Vest, Gas Mask
Former Blue Collar Workers

The Cleaners are one of the many factions in Tom Clancy's The Division.


Much like the Rioters, the Cleaners are ordinary people responding to the breakdown of society. Whereas the Rioters responded by taking to the streets in a disorganized fashion, the Cleaners organized around Joe Ferro with a single concept - the only way to save the city is to burn it down, and with everyone inside.

Intel Brief

A roaming faction, the Cleaners can appear in many districts; all agents should proceed with extra caution, especially in Cleaner-occupied territories. The faction consists of workers that were stranded from their homes once the virus hit. Trapped in the quarantine zones, they decided to take matters into their own misguided hands. Armed with flamethrowers, they travel from one area to another hoping to cleanse the city of the virus. They will burn anything they deem to be contaminated. Their terror spreads quickly like the fire they wield.