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This build is from Huhn3d on Reddit.


Insert-cheesy-YouTube-welcome-Phrase Hello fellow agents and welcome to my new... yeah you know what I mean!

Whatever, today i'm here to talk about the supreme "Coolheaded" Talent and in all it's glory the Caduceus! which rocks this talent like no other and some of you maybe still have one in the stash from happier, bullet king times.

First things first, please apologise any tippingflaws or wrong words as english is not my native tongue and the lack of formatting as this is my first real post.

So let's begin with the namend talent:

Coolheaded - Performing a headshot reduces all skill cooldowns by x%.

In case of the Caduceus that's 5,5 % reduced cooldown per Headshot, with a RoF of 600 it usually take no more than 2-3 seconds the regain wich every skill you are using, making this build the most flexible and fun I have encountered in my 200+ hrs playtime. Actually you get to be called a hacker alot of times because theres a stun-sticky out every 10-15 shots at a 60 round Magazine, talking about pewpew.

You can run stickybomb-spam, BFB dmg, Healspam or really any talent that normally has a huge cooldown and it comes available in 2-3 seconds. On top of that we will run with about 40k skillpower so a normal supporter build with Smartcover/Ping even without using the caduceus and getting some M1A power out there is no problem either, while having (thanks to the new sets) 140k+ dps and 65k+ health.


  • Flexible
  • Fun
  • Group orientated
  • makes CM a blast
  • Everyone will love you
  • Solo playable


  • Sucks without a Caduceus or "Coolheaded"- Weapon
  • You will Need to be good a headshotting your enemys
  • "Coolheaded" needs 1889 FIREARMS, sucks for SP-build
  • "Coolheaded" doesn't work on ultimates
  • Your OMGVECTORDPS won't be that high

Recommended Gear:

Weapon MH1: Caduceus/ 204 Weapon with "coolheaded"

2nd Talents:

  • Caduceus also has "Self-Preserved" on it, which heals you for every critical hit and makes you super tanky- recommended
  • Brutal (Headshotdmg)
  • Balanced (nobrainer)
  • Deadly

Mods: Were going for headshots so everything with headshotdmg/stability/accuracy/magsize/RoF is great. Ad 50% stability on the Caduceus and it literally doesn't move at all. For the caduceus critchance is great for the self preserved talent

Weapon MH2: M1A/ Shotgun 204 with "coolheaded"

2nd Talents:

  • Balanced (nobrainer)
  • Brutal (Headshotdmg)
  • Deadly
  • etc.

I have yet to find a balanced/coolheaded M1A so im rocking a shotgun right know.

Offhand: Really...who gives a sh*t

Gear: As a supporting roll with focus on headshots there is really only one viable option - the Sentry's Set. combined with either the Strikers or tacticians set, what ever fits you playstyle.

I am for myself pretty buffed about 4 pieces of sentrys and 2 pieces tagticians. I haven't completed the sentry set yet(Holsters and cloves suck to get) but 3sentry/2technical gives me 2072 FA, 2280 ST, 2356 EL and about 137k MainDPS, 68k Life, 62% Armor and 39,9k SP - ad the 4 pierce sentry Bonus and a 204 weapon on top of that.

So thats 4 Pierces of sentry and 2 pieces of tacticions we need to achieve(in order):

  • >1889 FA - everything more is plain wasted (yeah i fk'd up)
  • ~2200 ST - for 65+ Life
  • Everything else Electronics for ~40k SP
  • SP on Mask & backpack
  • 65% DMRreduction via Armor
  • 5 Mods
  • crithit/critchance/elitedmg/assaultrifle dmg
  • Ammucap/Resistance/Skill%/Life on kill etc.

INFO: Skillhaste is plain wasted - we don't need that.

Mods: You will need skillmods with 1,4k+ Skillpower and yes at best 5 of them(Chest,Mask,Knees,Backpack,Holster). Which one you take is up to the stat you need most 1889/2200/2300+

And that's about that.

Your Skills and Talents are really all up to you and you can switch them without any problems on the go. I don't have a screenshot/video right now because i'm playing on PS4 but if you guys want it OP will deliver.

If you have any question feel free to PM me/comment or add me on PS Network, i will try to answer all of them.

So Long Huhn3d