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The Base of Operations is the main staging area for the Agents in The Division.


The very first mission of The Division is to set up the Base of Operations as the safe haven for themselves and the other players. As time passes, the players can upgrade the three wings of the Base, unlocking special skills and attributes for the main game. Upgrading the Base of Operations makes the baso looker cleaner and better outfitted. For a linear list of upgrades, please navigate to Wing Upgrades.

Medical Wing Upgrades

Name Cost Perk Skill Talent
Counseling 200 Medical Wing Supplies Credit Critical Save, Shrapnel
Clinic 500 Medical Wing Supplies Medkits First Aid
Decontamination Unit 200 Medical Wing Supplies Hazardous Materials Adrenaline, Triage
Disaster Aid 1000 Medical Wing Supplies Canned Food, Supplier Recovery Link
Hazmat Unit 400 Medical Wing Supplies Protective Measures
Intensive Care 400 Medical Wing Supplies Medkits
Pharmacy 200 Medical Wing Supplies Rigger, Protective Measures Battle Buddy, Shock and Awe
Pediatric Care 200 Medical Wing Supplies Medkits
Quarantine 400 Medical Wing Supplies Contamination Intel Mods (Pulse)
Virus Lab 500 Medical Wing Supplies Protective Measures Support Station

Security Wing Upgrades

Name Cost Perk Skill Talent
Armory 500 Security Supplies Advanced Weaponry, Grenades Mobile Cover
Barracks 1000 Security Supplies Combat Veteran Survivor Link
Canine Unit 200 Security Supplies Intel Discovery One is None, Repo Reaper
Dark Zone Ops REPLACE Black Market Vendor, Hazardous Materials
Guard Post 200 Security Supplies Incendiary Bullets, Special Ammo Chain Reaction, Precision
Gunsmith REPLACE Explosive Bullets, Gunsmith
Procurement Team 200 Security Supplies Scavenger On The Move, Steady Hands
Situation Room REPLACE Experienced Agent Smart Cover
Shooting Range 200 Security Supplies Shooting Range Desperate Times, Stopping Power
Supply Line REPLACE Clothes Vendor

Tech Wing Upgrades

Name Cost Perk Skill Talent
Central Heating 200 Tech Supplies Energy Bar Demolition Expert, Tactical Advance
Communications 400 Tech Hazardous Materials Seeker Mine
Control Room 400 Tech Inventory Turret
Division Tech 1000 Tech Division Tech Materials, Engineer Tactical Link
Field Engineering Craftsman
Generators 400 Tech Soda Mods (Sticky Bomb)
Recalibration 200 Tech Supplies Stat Switch Evasive Action, Tech Support
Recharge Center 200 Tech Supplies Dark Zone Funds Death by Proxy, Wildfire
SatComms 200 Tech Supplies Resource Assessment Fear Tactics, Police Up
Water Purification Water